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Learn Category Theory from Experts

Category theory is an emerging field with promising applications in computer science, biology, network systems, quantum computing, etc.

While learning material is available online, it varies wildly in scope and can easily become frustrating and dispersive for beginners willing to learn. This “high effort to enter” acts as a blocker for the diffusion of what we believe is one of the most used mathematical tools of the future.

Our goal is to make category theory widespread and successful in the enterprise ecosystem.

Who Is This Course For?

The training requires background knowledge in basic mathematics. The only real prerequisites are a bit of set theory (e.g. knowing what is A x B). Knowing some type theory also helps. No prior knowledge of advanced mathematics is required.

“The Statebox category theory course has been four days of wonder. Fabrizio and Christina are fantastic teachers, as were my fellow students. What an honor!” – Kristleifur Daðason, developer at Avo app
“Really awesome category theory course from @statebox. I'm convinced more now that the future of smart contracts is diagrammatic!” – Arian van Putten, functional programmer at Wire
“Fabrizio is incredibly pedagogical and not only explained concepts very clearly but also left just enough unsaid to help me arrive at a few conclusions on my own.” – Jack Ek, functional programmer
“Haven't had a couple of days this intense since I've graduated from university! However I never got truly lost in the material – everything was presented very fluidly and visually, with many diagrams and examples.” – Alex, research programmer

Why Should You Sign Up?

Becoming acquainted with the concepts used in category theory offers invaluable benefits to your line of work, regardless of your domain of expertise. This course is for you if you aim to:

Module Overview

To ensure high quality teaching, each course will have no more than ten students.

The course will be taught by our in-house category theorist, Fabrizio Genovese (PhD Oxford) and with the assistance of at least one other guest category theorist from the ACT community.


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